5 Great Reasons to Visit the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park!

Did you know there are fifteen National Parks in the UK, three of which are here in beautiful Wales? Obviously, as Warpool Court Hotel is situated in fifteen of the most idyllic acres of the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park, we’re a little bit biased as to which one we think is the best of the bunch! To mark the start of National Parks Week on 24th July 2017, we thought we’d give you five good reasons to come and pay us a visit.

1. The Pembrokeshire Coast Path

We know a thing or two about the famous Pembrokeshire Coast Path as you can easily join the St Davids section from the bottom of our spectacular hotel gardens! The 186 mile path threads its way along the dramatic coastline between Poppit Sands in the north of the county and Amroth in the south. Regularly cited as one of the most spectacular long-distance walks in the world, the trail boasts truly breathtaking views as it weaves its way past hidden coves, secluded beaches, ancient monuments and picturesque harbours.

2. Landscape

From the rugged cliffs and golden sands that line the coast to the ancient woodland, majestic hills and sweeping moors inland, the National Park has some of the most dramatic and diverse landscapes in Wales. Whether you’re conquering the imposing peaks of the Preseli mountains, wandering through fields of wildflowers or paddling in the gentle waters of a valley stream, you’ll love the feeling of freedom and tranquillity that our countryside evokes. And that’s just the mainland! The National Park also includes six unique islands which can be visited by those eager to explore their rugged, unspoiled beauty.

3. Wildlife

The surrounding waters are teeming with a huge variety of wildlife. Pembrokeshire is one of the best places in Britain to indulge in a spot of dolphin watching and with seals, porpoises and even the odd basking shark visiting our seas, there’s a good chance you’ll see something interesting! Sea birds also nest in their thousands along the soaring cliffs of the coast and islands, including gannets, choughs, Manx shearwaters and, always a favourite, the distinctive puffin.

Inland, the woods, meadows and rivers provide the perfect habitat for animals to thrive. Otters, badgers, rare bats and owls are some of the more secretive inhabitants but there are plenty of opportunities to spot foxes, deer and a huge variety of birds, butterflies and bugs! Buzzards and red kites hovering over hedgerows are also a common sight and if you’re exploring the dramatic moorland you may even come across a wild Welsh pony or two!

4. History

The Pembrokeshire Coast National Park encompasses areas that hold great significance in the myths and legends of Wales - St David and King Arthur are connected to the region and the fairies and giants of Welsh folklore are said to have roamed these ancient lands. Iron Age hills forts, mystical stone circles and striking burial mounds dot the landscape amongst the imposing stone cairns that cap the peaks of nearby hills. Historic castles and churches abound: in fact, one of the most beautiful and important historic sites in the National Park, the stunning St Davids Cathedral, is just a short walk from the hotel!

5. Activities

Whether you like a bit of excitement or prefer more leisurely pursuits, you’ll never be short of things to do when you visit the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park! Taking a gentle stroll through the countryside, rock-pooling, or relaxing on the beach are some of the more sedate options on offer but if you’re keen on sport, this is the destination for you! The landscape lends itself to a host of great activities - hiking, climbing, coasteering, kayaking, surfing, sailing, horse riding and cycling are just some of the more popular pursuits but there are plenty of other adventures to be had. Crashing through the waves on one of the many boat trips out to the various islands is also a great way to experience the natural beauty of the more remote parts of the National Park.

We never take for granted how lucky we are to be situated in such an incredible part of the country! So, if you’d like to come and share the wonders of the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park, book your stay with us now. You won’t be disappointed!

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