Bugs for Family Fun: Warpool Court Hotel’s Peter Trier Digs Up Delectable Dishes

When it comes to good food, it’s rare that bugs top anyone’s list, but that’s exactly what visitors find when they step onto The Bug Farm, only minutes from Warpool Court Hotel.

“If you’re not looking carefully, you could miss the two black beetles on fence posts marking the lane to the all-weather farm,” says Warpool Court Hotel owner Peter Trier.

Set on a historic Welsh working farm, the central concept here is bugs, with food, farming, research and conservation being “equally important threads in the great big Bug Farm tapestry.”

The Bug Farm offers many different exhibits and activities, among which is a key initiative: the St. Davids Pollinator Trail. The ‘trail’ is, in fact, two trails: the City Trail and the Explorer Trail. The City Trail takes advantage of all there is to be seen by weaving its way through St. Davids and its local businesses and heritage sites. Those looking for a bit more adventure might choose to take on the Explorer Trail and travel through more of the Peninsula; destinations include Whitesands Beach and Ramsey Island, as well as nearby cafes and gardens.  You can get a spotters guide and map from the ticket office or via download at The Bug Farm website.

In addition to a Tyddewi herd of Welsh Black cattle, the farm manages crops of wheat and barley. The farm’s beautiful wildlife habitats feature meadows filled with wildflowers, Rhos pasture, marshy grassland and heath.

The Bug Farm has partnered with universities to identify ways of farming edible and native insects for different purpose -. and this is where things get interesting. Visitors can sit in the courtyard overlooking the farm while sampling the unique edible insect dishes available at the on-site Grub Kitchen. The menu ranges from delectable mealworm humus with freshly baked flatbread, to its famous bug burger and Grub Fried Chicken (GFC), as well as non-insect, local and sustainable options. There are vegetarian, vegan and children’s choices, too. Outside of school holidays, tables can be booked in advance.

The Bug Farm experience is fun and educational. Learn how many species of edible insects exist and how many people around the world eat insects regularly - though you might be surprised to learn about your own accidental insect ingestion, including when eating chocolate.

To learn more about when you can visit, accessibility, parking and more, go to The Bug Farm website.

Top tip for your visit: Entomophagy (pronounced en-toe-moff-a-gee) is the practice of eating insects by humans. Enjoy!

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