Consider Coasteering: Warpool Court Hotel’s Peter Trier Encourages Adventure

"To really experience the Pembrokeshire Coast, you may want to explore the area from another perspective," says Warpool Court Hotel owner Peter Trier.

The whole of the Pembrokeshire coastline boasts a huge diversity of marine landscapes. Beaches are bordered by towering limestone cliffs and ancient glaciers cut through the land to carve valleys and create spectacular bays. The sea is dotted with rough outcrops of jagged rocks and secretive sea caves just begging to be explored.

There are some interesting places to discover along the northern coast. In the late 18th century, Pembrokeshire was home to around 100 quarries, of which Abereiddi was one.

Slate was removed from the quarry until the early 20th century, when Abereiddi was abandoned. The ruins are still visible, with the remains of quarry buildings, a foreman's house, the powder store and workers' cottages on the clifftop.

The old quarry was deliberately flooded, forming a 25m deep lagoon with a distinct blue-green colour. Now known as Abereiddi Blue Lagoon, it’s a popular destination and has topped a list of the Best Family Attractions in Wales Online's Special Places, 2016.

The Blue lagoon is the premier location in north Pembrokeshire for the sport of coasteering and attracts adventurers of all ages and abilities every year. Pioneered in Pembrokeshire, coasteering is a totally different way to experience the coastline. There’s nothing quite as exciting as leaping into surging waves to get the pulse racing! Combining adventure swimming, sea-level traversing and cliff jumping, it’s a great activity for those looking for a bit more excitement and adventure.

In fact, in 2012, the Blue Lagoon hosted the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series for the first time in the UK and again in 2013 and 2016, and it's now included in the worldwide circuit. It’s not quite as simple as throwing yourself off rocks. There are plenty of accredited operators who will make sure you enjoy the sport safety, using the right equipment like wetsuits and buoyancy aids.

According to Mr. Trier, "Expect to get wet!"

Surprisingly, you don't even have to be able to swim to go coasteering. It's so simple that almost anyone can do it. Adventure guides will assess your skill level and adjust the activities to accommodate them. Generally, you can coasteer from around the age of eight, but it’s always best to check if there are younger members in your group. Whatever your abilities, there are precipices and natural rock arches to climb, trenches to explore, and lots of bobbing about in the waves to enjoy. At Abereiddi, the quarry's old wheelhouse provides three platforms for leaping off.

If you’re visiting the area independently, be very careful to take note of the tide times to prevent being cut off by rising tide and be aware of the strong currents. 

If you’d like to come and enjoy a coasteering adventure holiday on the Pembrokeshire Coast, why not book one of our luxury rooms or a stay in our private, self-catering Garden Cottage here at Warpool Court Hotel. Simply book online, send us an email or give us a call on 01437 720300.

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