Plan the Perfect Holiday: Warpool Court Hotel’s Peter Trier Tells How

As one of the 50 Best Hotels in Wales 2018, at Warpool Court Hotel, we know a lot about planning the ideal holiday.

Hotel owner Peter Trier offers ideas on how to ensure guests can create happy holiday memories to treasure forever:

-        Begin with asking yourself what your idea of the perfect holiday actually is. Is there one special destination you've always dreamed of visiting? Does the time of year you're planning to travel match with the best season for sightseeing or other activities you want to do? Spend some time checking the average temperature and weather for that time of year, and, if you're considering a stay at Warpool Court Hotel, book in advance to avoid disappointment.

-        What are the activities you're hoping to do? Does the hotel you're considering offer everything you need to enjoy your time? Will you be going to visit landmarks and historical sites, and are they close enough to walk to? Warpool Court Hotel is perfectly situated with plenty of facilities like our tennis court and heated swimming pool. We’re just a short walk from St. David's - with everything the little city has to offer – and also the Pembrokeshire Coast Path.

-        Will you set a schedule of activities ahead of time, or will you be flexible, taking each day as it comes? Have you considered how much time you'll spend walking or hiking, whether you'll need a car, where you can get a bus or whether you could hire a bike?

-        Have you consulted with your fellow travellers? Are they most interested in nature, parks and outdoor activities? Does the destination make it possible to shop, attend concerts or enjoy shows? What type of entertainment is available? Will museums fit your needs, or are you looking for thrills and adventure? By virtue of its location, Warpool Court Hotel provides the perfect base for exploring Pembrokeshire. Almost everything you would want to enjoy is within walking distance, available via public transport or less than an hour’s drive away. You can easily spend your day out and about, return to the hotel to relax and dine at the Sea View Restaurant and discuss all the fun you’ve had with your loved ones.

Make a broad list of activities, then narrow it down to the top five, then top three, ending up with the number one most appealing activity. A short list of activities to consider available at or near Warpool Court Hotel include:

-        Attending local events

-        Bird watching and enjoying nature

-        Exploring small towns and villages

-        Boating, kayaking and fishing tours

-        Building a sandcastle on the beach

-        Going on a picnic

-        Going horse riding

-        Improving your photography skills

-        Playing tennis

-        Swimming pool in our heated pool or the clean coastal waters

-        Strolling around art galleries or shopping

-        Surfing and coasteering

-        Visiting historical landmarks

-        Watching a sun set or stargazing

-        Unwinding on the beautiful Pembrokeshire Coast

Begin your search for ideas at the Warpool Court Hotel blog, and use our links to expand your search online.

Technology is a wonderful thing, so use Google Maps to trace your route and Street View to get up close and help you identify your destination.

"If there is a website, visit it," says Mr Trier. "While it could be a good starting point, don't make your decision solely based on what the website looks like. Call the venue if you have more questions."

If you’d like to come and enjoy the perfect holiday in west Wales, why not book one of our luxury rooms or a stay in our private, self-catering Garden Cottage here at Warpool Court Hotel? Simply book online, send us an email, or give us a call on 01437 720300.

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