Ramsey Island: A Spectacular Place to Visit, According to Warpool Court Hotel’s Peter Trier

"Blink and you'll be there - or nearly so," says Warpool Court Hotel owner Peter Trier.

Though it's so close to and visible from the mainland, one might think of swimming to the island through Ramsey Sound, but history would show that the significant tidal forces experienced by boats sunk on the jagged rocks below would make that action foolhardy. The most common way of arriving at the island is via boat or ferry.

Would you believe there are just two permanent human residents? While settlements on Ramsey Island date back 4,000 years, the current keepers of the island, wardens Lisa and Greg Morgan, do everything from manage and care for up to 200 mountain sheep and other animals, assisted by a trustworthy sheepdog. They host visitors on guided walks through the 640-acre bird reserve. During the summer, volunteers help round out the team.

According to Trier, the island makes a brilliant day outing. Regular excursions make it possible to visit almost anytime during the day. For those who are a bit more agile, a 3 ½ mile trail around the rocky island brings one up close to the most striking views, including from atop 400-foot cliffs.

There's a small shop on the island, and refreshments are available.

Families that choose to make the journey can make a game out of spying out the different birds that roost among the heathlands or identifying the various colours of residing flowering plants. Many guests will be awestruck at the sight of hundreds of seal pups born at Autumn time, in the largest colony of Atlantic gray seals in southern Britain.

Enjoy your visit!

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