Tips for Fun Fishing: Warpool Court Hotel’s Peter Trier Offers Up Nine

Pembrokeshire’s coastal waters and meandering rivers offer ample opportunity to enjoy a relaxing spot of fishing.

According to Warpool Court Hotel's owner Peter Trier, the best thing about fishing is that, "You don't need a lot of experience or expensive equipment to get started."

The Pembrokeshire coastline is teeming with Sea Bass, Bream, Pollock and Mackerel among other fish, so you’ll rarely come home disappointed.

The rocks at Caerfai point, St Non’s and at Ogof Golchfa between Porthlysgi and Porth Clais are good for sea fishing. Details about angling trips from St Justinian and Solva are available from the Tourist Information Centre in St Davids.

To catch any fish, Mr Trier said you should know about its life. "Know when they feed, how they feed, and what they like to eat. The best bait imitates their favourite food."

There are lots of great places to fish in the area around Warpool Court Hotel, either on your own or on a fishing trip out to sea. If setting out on your own you’ll need to:

  1. Find out the rules. There may be local requirements about where you can catch fish, whether you can keep them and a myriad of other restrictions including being accompanied by four-legged friends.
  2. Use an open-faced reel if you have some experience because it provides greater control over the fishing line. A locking mechanism prevents the handle from reversing while the fish is pulling on the line. New anglers should consider a closed-face reel; a drawback is they are prone to tangling. Check to be sure the pole has the correct weight for the type of fish.
  3. Consider how long you intend to fish, whether it's a one-off occasion or something you intend to pursue long term. That will determine the quality of the hooks, lines and weights you'll need to take.
  4. Check for the type of bait allowed. Some types are banned.
  5. Prepare your equipment ahead of time, threading the line and adding the weights, for example. Plan to have enough line to freely enjoy your time. Getting the knots right when under pressure to be fishing can quickly turn down the fun.
  6. Even though fish will bite in almost any conditions, plan for morning or evening. Trout don't have eyelids and can't dilate their pupils, so they do not like bright light. They will be looking for shade and vegetation to hide in. During the heat of the day, fish will be driven into deeper water. Trout are cold blooded. so if you're too hot or too cold, the fish will be, too.
  7. Before setting up, take a walk around. Areas that are accessible to the shoreline are best.
  8. Look for other fishermen and speak to them. Don’t let inexperience keep you back. If you sound really interested, they're more likely to respond positively.
  9. Be gentle. If the fish is going to be released, try to avoid touching it and use barbless hooks. Fish have a protective slime coating them. Wet the net and your hands and keep the fish in water, if possible. Fish that have swallowed the hook will not survive if the hook tears them, and squeezing fish will cause internal bleeding. If thrown or dropped from height rather than lowered gently, the fish bladder can burst.

And finally, remember a hat, your sunglasses and to take plenty of pictures to capture the memories.

If you’d like to come fishing on the Pembrokeshire Coast, why not book one of our luxury rooms or a stay in our private, self-catering Garden Cottage here at Warpool Court Hotel? Simply book online, send us an email or give us a call on 01437 720300.


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