Two-Wheel Adventures Through Pembrokeshire: Warpool Court Hotel’s Peter Trier’s Suggestions for Success

Why bike?

When you think about touring by bicycle, images of lean, athletic types swim before your eyes - except, that's would be inaccurate. Few people biking the back roads are in it for sake of cycling. According to Warpool Court Hotel owner Peter Trier, "No one is waiting for you at a finish line. To enjoy your journey by bike, you are free to plan your time to get where you're going, and, at your own pace, you'll see more as you travel."

The reasons for setting out on a self-guided journey are as varied as the infinite routes people can take:

You Want to be More Connected to the Area and People

You want to get up close and personal to the diverse areas you're visiting, as well as the people and culture. Read testimonials of others who've journeyed along the route you plan to take. By choosing to travel by bike, you'll cover less distance than driving by car, but you'll connect more meaningfully with the landscapes around you and the people, and better enjoy the experience. Biking is cheaper than some other options, especially where fuel prices are a factor and parking is at a premium.

Decide where you want to go, including places that interest you the most.

What's the action you'll be taking most often? Taking photographs! Enchanting hills, historic landmarks, or scenic spots along the coast. Traveling by bike gives you the flexibility you need to explore places locals recommend and destinations you might otherwise have missed out on.

Create an Experience That Ties Into All the Senses

Hear the crash of ocean waves against the cliffs. Smell the wildflowers. Feel the wind on your face. Touch the rough edges of rock and soft, silky sand. Taste the local farm-to-fork dishes. Set your sight on the stunning views from all along the coastal path.

Discover Nature

Learn about unique wildlife and animals, and explore interesting geology that's not always accessible by car. Emulate real world experience: Think about the journey you're going to embark on. Set out to have experiences in your area on variable terrain, including ascents and descents, that look like your upcoming trip. Take a trial run that resembles the real ride.

Make Impactful Memories

Imagine how much more profound and meaningful your trip becomes when you bike, and the memories you'll make and remember long after you go home. Show your adventurous spirit and independence. Biking is a good method to become fit, but it doesn't happen overnight, and you want to get the most out of your trip. To increase the likelihood of a successful experience, develop a schedule of biking shorter segments, even in varying weather, to build up endurance to those situations over time. With proper planning, you'll have months before you travel, so start to build your endurance with shorter daily rides to build up to longer, more challenging trips.

Says Trier, "By all means, before you set out, let others know of your plans, and transfer your route into your smartphone."

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